Comparison of Stone Coated Roofing v/s Other Roofing

Stone Coated vs Color Coated:

The distinctive advantages over conventional color coated steel is its outstanding durability due to the stone chips on the surface, attractive designs and various pleasing color options, much higher sound and thermal insulation (it can create a temperature difference of 8 to 10*C) and better hailstone impact capability.

Stone coated vs Clay/Cement tile:

As compared to the cement and clay tiles, it is 1/6th in weight, hence can save considerable amount on structural support and transportation. They are also better impact resistant than clay or cement tiles.

Stone coated vs Asphalt Shingles:

As compared to asphalt shingles, stone coated do not require a strong support structure, thus having an overall lower installed cost per area. Besides, asphalt shingles absorb and radiate the heat long after the sunset. Hence, stone coated are more energy efficient roofing. They are fire resistant unlike the shingles, which are only fire-retardant. Shingles need re-painting unlike stone coated roofing.